March 12th, 2012

People I'd Like To Meet

I don't know Deirdre “Dee” Leopold, Harvard Business School’s managing director of MBA admissions and financial aid, but I am herewith putting her on my "List of People I'd Like to Meet", sort of a bucket list for the brain.  Check her out at   A person I do not want to meet, indeed want to avoid, is the loser who wrote about Leopold's interview, "so this is the process that breeds sociopathic value extraction drones."  The guy that wrote this does not know any Harvard MBAs.  I know a hundred of them, or more.  If I have to go to war or conquer disease or help mankind, I will take my Harvard MBA friends and three random picks, one from Wesleyan, one from Cal Berkeley,and one from MIT, just for a little balance.

                         - Michael Terry


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